Normcore Aesthetic – Go Ahead, Blend in With The Crowd

By MatthewNewton

It’s difficult to keep up with all the changing trends. Once you have fully accepted one trend, the high-fashion crowd is already on the next. You’re now well-versed in all things cottagecore and cabincore. Let’s now introduce you to normcore. This trend is a little different. It’s been on our radar for some time now and we are confident that it will continue to be a popular trend.

This term may be something you’ve heard on social media, or perhaps seen discussed on your favorite fashion sites. Although normcore’s meaning can be a bit vague and broad, we know what makes this fashion trend stand out. Or blend in. Are you curious to find out more? Good. We’ll be breaking down the history and meaning behind the normcore aesthetic. We’ll even give you tips on how to look the part. For all things universally normal, read on.

What is Normcore? All Your Questions Answered

You may be wondering what the normcore aesthetic is. This movement’s idea is just like its name. Normal to the core. The normcore approach to women’s fashion is about accepting simplicity. Yes, that’s exactly what we did. This trend encourages a sense of oneness rather than pursuing individuality and differentiation. This trend is for simple, undescript pieces of clothing that have very few identifying elements such as logos or brand names. The simpler the better. The idea is to blend in with the crowd and not be identifiable from others. You should wear simple, everyday clothes. Minimalist style. You can dress like your dad in the 1990s. All those visuals are in your head? Great. You’re now ready to embrace the normcore aesthetic.

The History of the Normcore Aesthetic

Let’s first take a look at the history of this movement before we get into it. The term “Templar Arizona” has been around since 2009, when it was introduced by the popular webcomic “Templar Arizona.” K-Hole, a New York-based trend-forecasting firm, adopted this phrase in 2013 and added it to their cultural lexicon. Although it was initially viewed as a joke, the idea of rebelling against fashion trends evolved into something important. The normcore aesthetic was officially published in Vogue by 2014. It is quite literal, because the root of normcore can be found deep within the fashions of years gone by.

This Ubiquitous Trend: Inspiration and Pop Culture Icons

Maybe you just need some inspiration to bring the normcore aesthetic into your life. We’ve got you covered. We’ve got you covered. Ever thought you would look up to Chandler Bing or Elaine Benes as your style icon? We didn’t either. We were inspired by their simple outfits to want to recreate a simpler time. Chandler’s famous sweater vests Yes, please. Elaine’s double-breasted, oversized blazers are a great addition. The normcore style was a long-established trend before it became a fashion statement.

Dressing for the Normcore Aesthetic

Now you are well-versed in the history and influences that have shaped normcore, and you’re ready to add your own twist. Maybe you are still unsure about your style and want to know how to put together a normcore look for women. Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Comfort is perhaps the most important aspect to remember. This trend focuses on comfort and dressing for any occasion. We think this sounds pretty great. Let’s take a look at the tops, bottoms, and layers that you will need to make the ultimate normcore outfit.

Normcore Aesthetic Tops and Bottoms

A pair of perfect jeans is the foundation of any woman’s normcore outfit. Before you reach for your favorite skinnies, take a moment to think. There are many styles and types of jeans. The mom jean is the preferred style of Gen Z and you will want to replace your skinny-fitting jeans with this one. These jeans were popular among 90s moms because they had a high rise and a relaxed-leg fitting. This throwback trend is a big style for women in 2022 fashion. The ideal pair creates the illusion of anonymous jeans, without any brand awareness. Grab your seam-ripper, and remove any logo tags from the back. A medium to light wash is recommended. You can also add a pleated trouser in khaki or a classic grey sweatpant as an alternative to denim.

Normcore Aesthetic: Layers and Shoes, Finishing Touches

The perfect layering piece is essential for any women’s fashionable normcore look. Layers are, in fact, meant to be layers with this trend. These are practical, functional pieces that keep you warm. Groundbreaking, isn’t it? You can think no-nonsense, all-purpose pieces such as a quarter-zip fleece pullover and a water-resistant windbreaker. Winter-ready styles such as jackets and puffer vests are also popular among Normcore fans.