What is a Basque Waist and How Does It Work?

By MatthewNewton

Basque waist is a bodice that has a slimming silhouette and fits close to the waist. Basque designs are more flexible than traditional corsets and extend beyond the waistline to cover the hips. Basque waists are made with two angled seams, which form a triangular shape at lower front. The cut is very common today in lingerie. A basque is a long piece of fitted lingerie that has spaghetti straps that reach to the hips.

A Brief History of Basque Waist

In the 1800s, the basque waistline was a prominent feature. The drop-waist style was inspired by Basque traditional clothing. It gained popularity during Victorian times when women wore tight bodices to create an hourglass figure while wearing bustles and hoop skirts. The basque waist is popular in contemporary fashion for intimates, wedding gowns and ball gowns.

Three Benefits of a Basque Waist

Your overall appearance is affected by how a garment fits around your waist. To determine if this bodice style suits you, consider the following advantages of the basque waist. Basque waist:

  1. Your silhouette will appear longer: Because the basque waist is below your hips, it can make your torso look longer. A basque waist garment with V-neck such as a Queen Anne neckline or sweetheart neckline can help lengthen your body and enhance your figure. The V-shaped neckline is reflective of the shape of the basque waist.
  2. Attracts attention to your upper bodies: A basque waist is a waist that extends below the hips and above the waistline. The upper body is also highlighted by wedding gowns that have beaded, sequin or applique bodice detailing.
  3. Your torso is gently shaped: A basque waist hugs your upper body. This is in contrast to a corset which cinches at the waist to alter the shape of the torso. The garment is more comfortable because it highlights and smoothens your natural body contours. Basque waists are ideal for billowing materials such as chiffon or layered tulle. Basque waist bodices can be used to contrast full-length dresses.