5 fashion advice regarding Korean fashion

By MatthewNewton

Let’s get to know the top 5 fashion advice regarding Korean fashion

Koreans have managed to conquer the world of fashion thanks to their peculiar and innovative way of dressing. For a few years, Korea has been giving something to talk about. Why? Because they are innovating fashion in their country. Its style is full of colors, and extravagant combinations give us an idea of ​​all the fields that we still have to go in the world of fashion. Today we have the ease of connecting with this trend. Through K-Pop and K-Dramas, we can also have an approach to Korean fashion, as celebrities are a source of inspiration to recreate the Korean style. If you want to start dressing with the best of Korean fashion, stay with us, and let’s get to know the top 5 fashion advice regarding Korean fashion. That way, you can take advantage of K-Fashion. Let’s get started!

5 fashion tips according to Korean fashion

Sometimes when we want to try new styles, we do it blindly because we don’t know what rules to follow or what advice to consider. If you want to start wearing a Korean style, it is best that you first review some key points to achieve it successfully. Follow these 5 fashion advice regarding Korean fashion to elevate your looks to the best Korean style.

Don’t Be Afraid of Oversize Clothes

We have oversize clothes to start this list of fashion advice regarding Korean fashion. Many people fear this trend. It’s not their fault. After all, wearing oversize clothes is not as easy as it seems. There are some things you should consider. However, it is better to learn to lead than always fear it. For that reason, the first piece of advice you should keep in mind is that oversize clothes don’t bite, they don’t kill, they don’t hurt you. Quite the contrary! It elevates your style to incredible levels. For that reason, you must consider adding clothing in an oversize style. In addition, with these clothes, you will achieve a Korean style with ease since it is part of the biggest trends in K-Fashion. You get oversizes in shirts, coats, blazers, dresses and even pants. It is a versatile trend, comfortable, and full of style.

You Should Consider Monochrome Garments

The second piece of advice on this list of fashion advice regarding Korean fashion is about monochromatic colors. Although Korean fashion gives prominence to many bright colors, the preference is for neutral colors. You can check this for any inspiration you are looking for in Korean fashion. In K-Fashion, neutral and classic colors stand out a lot. In addition to being shades with a classic and sophisticated appearance, they are perfect for achieving monochromatic looks. These looks are a safe bet in Korean fashion. If you want a Korean style, monochrome combinations are very successful, so don’t be afraid to use them.

But You Should Also Integrate Pastel-colored Clothes

Pastel colors are also part of this fashion advice regarding Korean fashion. As we said before, pastel colors are a big hit in Korean fashion. Not only to achieve cute or soft looks. They are very cool shades, especially on the hottest days. These shades are perfect for the most feminine and casual combinations. Korean fashion uses too many pastel and neutral tones. Also, you can wear pastel colors in coats, sweaters, skirts, blouses, or socks. In addition, you can also integrate subtle and small prints that usually give an “adorable” touch to your outfit; try to incorporate into your wardrobe blouses or dresses with polka dot prints, gingham, stripes, flowers, etc. These prints, especially flowers, fit well with pastel colors.

Showing Tights is a Way to Elevate Your Outfits

While you try to hide the socks with your shoes, Korean fashion always shows the socks or stockings regardless of color or pattern. For that reason, the fourth piece of advice on this list of fashion advice regarding Korean fashion is about the importance of leaving your stockings uncovered when you want to dress in the Korean style. Wearing tights in this way not only adds a unique style to the outfit; it also makes it stand out. Showing socks is usually a Korean athleisure trend. However, it is possible to achieve it even with casual outfits. You can wear jeans, skirts, or shorts together with shirts, tops, hoodies, cardigans and show off your tights. You can even do it by wearing dresses. A perfect way to do this is to wear, for example, dresses, jumpers or rompers over a white shirt. Accompany this look with sneakers and let your tights stand out. Don’t hide them.

You Need Long 70s Style Dresses

70s-style dresses are a trend in Japan and Korea. It consists of wearing long dresses, with a lot of flight or straight. You can wear them alone or with polo shirts or sweaters inside. 70s-style dresses elongate the figure and give a charming and vintage look. For that reason, it should not be missing from this list of fashion advice regarding Korean fashion. These dresses are a perfect option for spring and summer. They provide a feminine and very chic appearance. But if you prefer, you can also wear dresses with A-line skirts. The A-line flatters everyone’s figure. They also make your hips look more pronounced and give the illusion of a smaller waist. These garments are versatile, as they are ideal for casual or formal occasions. If you add this dress to your closet, you can achieve a perfect Korean combination by wearing it with sneakers and showing off your socks. And you can take it even higher by adding an oversized hoodie or wearing the dress over a white shirt. As you can see, you can achieve Korean-style looks by combining a few pieces.