Americana Aesthetic: Modern Closet Redefined

Many motifs are a part of American culture, from Coca-Cola ads to roadside diners and Friday-night football games. The most distinctive element? Fashion, naturally. America’s youth is a great place to be, but it also has a rich history with distinct sartorial decades. Like many trends, Americana looks back to the past to inspire its current-day wardrobes.

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The list of Americana fashion icons is endless when we look back. One example: Tyra Banks wore double denim dresses in the 90s. Cher, a Stetson cap on her head while dancing and walking the streets of LA, was another example. Geena Davis wore the tough muscle tees, jeans and sweatpants in Thelma & Louise. You can make the Americana aesthetic your own by following in the footsteps of these women. Americana is a hot trend this summer, whether you are wearing timeless 501s or cowboy booties. Let’s first define Americana before we get into the outfit ideas.

What is the Americana Aesthetic and how does it work?

Do you wonder what the Americana aesthetic is? It’s a fashion trend that is influenced by American culture and history, with a particular focus on the 20th Century. The long answer is that it’s up to you to interpret, but we can provide a style guide if you need one. Imagine a woman wearing a vintage black-and-white photo to celebrate the Fourth of July. A group of friends from the 70s, posing on the beach for a polaroid photo. What do they wear? We are looking to see how we can incorporate old Americana influences in our modern ensembles. Retro ankle socks with platform shoes or bucket hats with classic crew neck sweaters in striped stripes.

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Classic Americana Aesthetic

Do you want to find the perfect outfit for Independence Day? Do not overthink it. Keep it simple and stick to the Americana style. Denim is the style anchor for these summer staples. Jean skirts, overalls and chambray shirts are all great options. Tops and dresses can be made from solids, ditsy florals, vibrant ginghams, or nautical stripes. Throwback details such as puffed sleeves or off-the shoulder necklines are a plus. You can take it easy with high-rise jeans shorts and a simple crop top in navy or white stripes. To tie it all together, add a touch of elegance to your look with chic ballet flats. To keep you safe during a barbecue luncheon, don’t forget to get a woven cap or visor.

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Western-inspired Outfit Ideas

Get ready to go on a wild ride. Western-inspired items are back in fashion and are a nod towards the Americana aesthetic. This one is for you, whether you are looking to add southwestern charm to your wardrobe or if your entire life revolves around horses. Are you a fan of fringe? Do you dream of a idyllic farm life? You can live the western lifestyle vicariously through these fashion options.

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Route 66 Americana Aesthetic

Do you pack for a road trip or do you prefer a casual joyride? You may prefer that your attire matches your wanderlust attitude. Outfits inspired by Route 66 and rooted in Americana are great for traveling by car or bike. Why? These t-shirts evoke a relaxed spirit mixed with bohemian and grunge elements. You can take a Harley-Davidson tee with you on the road in a worn-out Harley-Davidson shirt that will hide any accidental stains caused by road snacking. You can borrow a family member’s flannel or pass it down through the generations to give your outfit a homegrown, warm feel. For layering ease, tie it around your waist and wear flares at the bottom to channel 70s style.


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