What to wear to Pride

By MatthewNewton

We have the perfect guide to help you choose what to wear to Pride. Let’s find out more about Pride history before we decide on our looks. It is important to learn more about Pride to remember it. Pride is linked to a movement. Let’s learn more about it before we can find the perfect piece.

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Pride: The History

The Stonewall Riots are the beginning of the History of Pride. The Stonewall Riots weren’t the first time LGBTQIA+ had fought back against police brutality. This moment was a catalyst for the Gay Rights Movement worldwide. Also known as the Stonewall Uprising. On June 28, 1969, an illegal police raid was conducted on the Stonewall Inn. This New York City bar was a safe haven for LGBTQIA+ residents. Many notable and diverse individuals led the Stonewall protest, including Gay men of colour and Black transgender people. Marsha P. Johnson, a Black transgender activist, is credited for leading the riot that led to what we now call Pride. Six days of protest followed the raid, which led to rioting. These brutal raids, which targeted the LGBTQIA+ community, were not stopped and continued for six days. This led to Gay activism and awareness in the United States.

What to wear to Pride: Bold Colors and Prints

There are no colors or prints that are too bright or bold when it comes to Pride attire. You can add color to your Pride look by adding print or color to the LGBTQIA+ flag’s rainbow colors to stripes patterns. Wear a retro floral skirt and a bandeau top with sneakers. For a Pride-worthy look, add a splash of color to a backpack or crossbody bag. Add a printed shoe or headband to your most bold solid-colored pieces. You can also wear a light tee in a vibrant print with your favorite distressed jeans.

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Accessories for the Sun: What to Wear to Pride

Pride parades and other events take place in many places. Many of these locations require accessories for sunbathing. Although the sun’s rays are beautiful and great for celebrations, it is important to protect yourself from them. Protective pieces such as sunglasses and hats are essential when you’re thinking of what to wear to Pride. You can also show your support by wearing performance pieces that have UV protection and moisture-wicking properties. These features will keep you cool and protected at all events. The best accessory you can wear with everything, from sundresses and shorts, is one that protects your skin. SPF is essential for outdoor Pride activities.

Comfortable Shoes: What to Wear to Pride

Comfortable shoes are essential for Pride outfits, whether you’re marching or dancing. Sporty sandals are a top trend for Summer 2021. These are great shoes to wear to a parade. To create an athleisure style for a rally for Change, wear a pair of vibrant sneakers. Wear a pair of wedges in bright colors and wear them with a relaxed blazer, wide-leg pants and a sleeveless blouse to the Pride film festival. For all your Pride events, stylish shoes with supportive footbeds will be a must-have.

What to wear to Pride: Statement Tees

A statement tee is a great way to express yourself without having to say a word when planning your Pride outfit. Pride, among other things, is about solidarity and openness that can also be expressed in style. You can find or make a statement tee to speak for yourself all day. A graphic tee can be used to commemorate any occasion, such as remembrance or celebrations of love. For all your Pride activities, make sure to choose statement pieces made of soft, breathable fabrics.

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How to wear to Pride: Striking shorts

Are you wondering what to wear to Pride on the warmer June days of LGBTQIA+ month? You don’t have to be afraid to include shorts in your Pride outfits. For a sporty and crisp look, a pair of bright bike shorts can be worn with just about anything. For a lively look, pair them with a printed crop top or a neon sneaker. The summer sun will keep you cool with these printed linen shorts. For a refreshing Pride look, pair them with a basic tank and a pair Tevas.

How to wear Pride: Safety in Style

Pride will undoubtedly be celebrated in a different way this year. Some countries and states have parades. Others do not. Many people are choosing to observe Pride in smaller settings, away from the crowds, rather than attending large gatherings. Although safety precautions are leading the way in the type of Pride events, this doesn’t mean that Pride should be confined to what you wear. You can stay safe and stylish while celebrating Pride by choosing masks that reflect your personal style. There are many masks available that can be printed or made to stand out.

What should straight allies wear to pride?

Straight friends are welcome to join the LGBTQIA+ community in celebration. They are encouraged to celebrate the occasion, have fun with it, and show solidarity and support. Allies can make it possible for the LGBTQIA+ community be who they are. These are some tips for straight allies on what to wear at Pride.

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While it’s helpful to know what to wear to Pride, this is not the same as what straight allies should bring to LGBTQIA+ spaces: respect. Straight allies must show respect towards members of the LGBTQIA+ communities, regardless of whether they are attending Pride or another environment. Pride celebrations can be entertaining but they are mostly shared commemorations that are held in memory and honor of the deceased. Respect and show appreciation for the LGBTQIA+ community and culture as an ally.