How to wear springtime bright whites

By MatthewNewton

White is a versatile color. There are no rules. The rest is up to you to decide how bright your spring whites look. You’ll find it one of those essential items you didn’t know you needed, until you discover how easy it is to match with just about anything. You can find more ways to use crisp white pieces in your spring wardrobe. This is the place to be.

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Denim en blanc

We love white denim with frayed edges. It can be matched with almost any color, including muted sage or blush pink to electric blue and melodramatic noir. For a relaxed fit, pair your white denim shorts or cut-offs with a tank or a loose-fitting top in a spring-forward pattern. Flat sandals in neutral with metallic studded accents are a great choice. They also have a subtle sparkle that adds a touch of sparkle.

Casually dressed to impress

This combination of a white denim jacket and a black and brown gingham A-line gown and a fuchsia bag is an example of modern vintage style at its best. Are you feeling bold? Bold? Brightly colored jeans are paired with a frayed hem and a crew-neck top with a dotted, slit back that ties it all together with a sweet surprise bow at the back.

Crisp Workwear

You think you can’t wear jeans to work in white? You might be wrong. You can wear a pair that is straight- or wide-legged with a bold, nautical-striped pullover or a blouse that moves in the spring breeze. White at work doesn’t have to be elegant and sophisticated. You can’t.

Bright & Boho

Boho pieces promise comfort and style without sacrificing style. Intricate eyelet tops this spring are like artistic masterpieces that you can wear to feel carefree nostalgia and dress with ease. You can wear this look casually on a date night with your boyfriend jeans and stacked high heels or to cool off at the pool with your kids in simple dark linen shorts.

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Styled for Your Area Code: Here are some regional style tips from stylists

Our Stylists from coast to coast share their secrets on how they combine favorite pieces into their wardrobes to create looks that are both captivating and versatile. Keep reading for tips and tricks to borrow from the style secrets of our Stylists, ranging from East Coast elegance to Cali eclecticism.

NorCal Crista G.

Although we don’t experience any severe winters or hot summers in the Bay Area it is possible for the weather to be unpredictable. Our wardrobe should be multi-layered, no matter what season it is. This is especially important when the fog rolls in.

My trusted denim jacket is a great choice for layering. “I choose a lighter wash when spring arrives. I pair it with flowy blouses or slinky dresses to add material contrast.

SoCal, Jan S.

Style in SoCal requires bright colors and eclectic prints that reflect our sunny skies. Plus, you need to incorporate a healthy amount of athleisure to achieve that cool “cool girl” look. While we are fond of our glamorous Oscar gowns, everyday wear is all about being well-put together. For a casual and relaxed look on a spring day, I like to reach for a simple striped dress with canvas sneakers.

Sunday brunch is a true art form. You can look your best with a stylish yet timeless denim skirt.

Austin, Austyn S.

Austin, my home, is well-known for its laid-back and eclectic Western-inspired style. Casual is the best! If I’m going out with my husband to dinner and need something more casual and dressy, I wear my shorts with a blouse (often a floral or colorful) and a pair wedges. For those occasions when we’re just going out for lunch, I pair them with a casual shirt and sandals. They are an iconic Texas staple!” — Austyn S., Stylist

Minneapolis, Tierney C.

“Minnesotans know how to make trends work, no matter what the weather. We must be, April blizzards remain a possibility.

My most worn shirt is my chambray. This shirt is my go-to piece. It strikes the perfect balance between laid-back chic and sophisticated. I love pairing it with dark wash jeans, flats, and statement earrings for an easy everyday look. After a long winter of grey, I am ready for bright colors so I may switch to candy-colored skinnies. “Color is the fastest way to create a spring feeling.” — Tierney C., Stylist

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Pittsburgh, Kate S.

“Here, in Pittsburgh we joke that we can see all four seasons in one 24-hour period. It’s great to have a capsule wardrobe that can be easily adapted from one season to another. In some cases, even from morning to evening.

An elegant sheath gown is a staple in my wardrobe. This dress is perfect for the season and can be worn at work, on a night out, or for special occasions like a wedding or bridal shower (hello, Pittsburgh cookie tables). Adding color to your wardrobe can make it more fun and fresh. The dress is solid so I prefer bolder shoes. This print [heel] adds an extra dimension to the ensemble .”– Stylist Kate S.