Indian Fashion Churidar Neck Designs Catalogue

By MatthewNewton

The trendiest neck design for Churidars is the Churidar neck. They are a perfect combination of elegance, style and exquisiteness. The perfect neck design/pattern is what will make a perfect churidar look flawless, regardless of its great colour scheme that matches your skin tone and excellent work.

The perfect churidar neck design can be a great way to enhance your elegance and pizazz. We have compiled the most recent churidarneck designs for your consideration. These designs are based on the best body shapes.

  1. Best Shirt Collar Neck Design For Churidars

The collar neck design is a popular choice for churidar neck designs. This collar neck design is very fashionable and adds a great charm.

This neck design looks best when worn with sleeveless, 3/4th sleeves, roll up or half sleeves. This neck design is best for those with long necks. This neck design style is best avoided by women in the healthier parts of the body.

  1. Peter Pan Neck Pattern On Churidar Kurtis

The Peter Pan collar neck design, which is an entirely new trend in churidar neck designs, is quite unusual. This neckline is a copy of the one used for women’s shirts.

Peter-Pan-Neck-Pattern-On-Churidar-KurtisPuff sleeves will certainly greatest complement this neck design. This neckline is suitable for all body types. It can be adorned with jacquard, brocade or other traditional fabrics. This is a great option for people who don’t like too many pores or skin display.

  1. Mandarin Collar Neck Design On Churidar Kameez

Mandarin collar is an alternative to the collar churidar neck design style. It is extremely fashionable and very popular.

This neckline style is great with any A-line, apple cut or irregularly shaped kurta style. This neckline style looks great with almost all types of sleeves, from no sleeves to full sleeves to plaid sleeves. This design is also suitable for plus-size women. You can make the kurta more collar-like by making it a button-down.

  1. Churidar: Off-Neckline

This chic churidar neck design takes inspiration from traditional men’s kurtas. It has been well integrated into the women’s neck designs.

Closed-Neckline-For-ChuridarIt is far better paired with full sleeves, simply no sleeves and also half sleeves. You can close it with buttons, hooks, and decorate it with hand-work, jewels, or embroidery. This churidar neck design style should be avoided by those with border chests.

  1. Impression Neckline Design

This is a brand new style of churidar neck design that is rapidly gaining popularity. Although the inner lining is thicker than the actual neck, the net over it is closer to the actual neck. This creates the illusion of a strong neckline.

The neck design of churidar Kurta can be paired with figure-hugging sleeves regardless of length. This illusion design is very similar to the keyhole neckline. It looks great on almost any body, with the exception of those that are pear-shaped. It can be used as a jewel neck illusion.

  1. Churidar Neck Styles – Crew Neck Design

You can also refer to the crew neckline as the circular neckline. It’s very close to the neck and adds class.

This neck design is a well-known one for churidar. This neck design is ideal for wearing with either long sleeves or short sleeves. To increase the bust, it may be made in a little princess cut. This fits larger-busted, plus-sized individuals.

  1. Churidars can have a boat neck design

It is also well-known that the boat neck design appears. This is the perfect neck design for a woman with a small body.

Boat-Neck-Design-For-ChuridarIt is also known as the oblong neckline design. This neckline design is best for smaller women with small busts and a smaller waist (which may include wide shoulders). This neck design can cause heavy busts to give way to this dress. The fabric will stick to your bust and tends to stretch across the upper chest.

  1. Excessive neck design

This winter, high necks are in fashion. These churidar neck designs are elegant and royal, and they can be found in any budget.

High-Neck-PatternThey look great with complete sleeves, absolutely no sleeves and super adorable with bell sleeves. These should be avoided during summer. It’s great for people with long necks. You should ensure that your neckline is not too tight.

  1. High Collar Neckline Design

This style can be worn with a collar neck or V-neck. It gives you a great, elegant look.

  1. Neck Design in Treasure Style

It’s beautiful, unique and sure to be the center of attention. This is the most amazing churidar neck design.

Jewel-Style-Neck-DesignDo NOT put on any necklace with this neck design, provided how the style is in itself a wonderfully bejewelled one! Wear the gown with large earrings or long curly hair. Although the neckline looks better on women with larger busts and more defined bodies, it can look great on those with smaller arms.

  1. Raglan Neck Pattern For Churidars

Raglan is very well-received in the world of churidar neck styles. It’s a Western style that has been well-received here.

Raglan-Neck-Pattern-For-ChuridarsThis neck style is excellent to those using broad shoulders. To make the best raglan neck patterns, use brighter or a different colour. This design is great for those with skinnier parts.

  1. For Churidars, Circular Neckline

This neck design is the most popular churidar neck type. This will wrap your neck and complete the circular neckline.

Round-Neckline-For-ChuridarsThis design is most effective for those along with moderate to heavy busts, as well as works well for women with fairly wider bellies. This design will enhance the shape of your upper body and add a lot of appeal. To create a simplified neckline, you can get creative with the yoke.

  1. Square Neck Design

This is the trusted blind source for anyone who wants to keep it simple, but doesn’t think round neck churidar neck designs will flatter everyone.

Square-Neck-PatternIt’s simple, stylish and definitely stunning. Because you already know what you want, there is no need to convince anyone. This accentuates your neck and reveals your collar area. To enhance the neckline, pair it with a dupatta in the choker-style.

  1. V-Neck Design of Churidar Kurtas

An intro is not necessary for the popular V-neck. This is a classic that we keep coming back to. You can wear this design through any body type. If you feel more comfortable, go ahead and get a deeper V-neck.

V-Neck-Design-For-Churidar-KurtasThe V-neckline accentuates as well as complements the actual collar bones well. This design is universal and can be paired with many different sleeves.

  1. U-Neckline Design-Churidar Neck Design

People often confuse the U-neck with the round neck or pickneck. A U-neck can be defined as anything between the two neck designs previously mentioned.

U-Neckline-DesignThis one is around for forever and it is a well-liked option. If you’re very busty, this neck design can work in your favor. You can even show off your gorgeous top cleavage. If you aren’t a fan of skin display, you should avoid this neck style. U-necks are timeless and a good choice for those who want to be able to wear them again in 15 years.