Top 2022 Winter Dresses

By MatthewNewton

It can be difficult to show off your fashion sense in winter. It almost becomes the season for bulky outerwear, chunky sweaters and fisherman sweaters due to the drop in temperature. However, it doesn’t mean you have to wear unflattering, sloppy outfits just because it is cold outside. We have never seen so many beautiful, elegant winter dresses! These are our top picks for 2022 winter gowns, in case you’re still looking for something stylish.

Black Velvet Midi Dress

Velvet has a vintage Hollywood glamour and will keep you warm in the colder months. A velvet dress could be the perfect piece for any season. We found one in the form of a black velvet wrap dress from & Others Stories. It is elegant and comfortable, making it perfect for either a formal dinner at a top-end restaurant, or casually dressing down for a day out. You can make this look trendy and quirky by pairing it with chunky tennis shoes with a black bakerboy hat.

Dress in Turtleneck Oversize

It can be difficult to get out of your warm pajamas in winter. Your most comfortable, lounge-wear clothes may not be appropriate for public outings. However, this doesn’t mean that you must sacrifice warmth or comfort to look fashionable, even if your preference is to wear a dress. A large ribbed turtleneck dress in festive cranberry can provide the same comfort but make a bold statement. This dress was among the many styles and inclusive sizes that Woman Within offers, which we found in their collection. These dresses were made to fit a little more when needed, making them ideal for winter when you don’t want to be your slimmest.

Embellished Silver Dress

Cross Stitch has a wonderful selection of ready to wear dresses that are elegant and easy to put on. Perhaps the most popular is the sleek, sequined-silver dress. The delicate embellishments contrast beautifully with the A-line, casual cut. You can elevate this already chic garment by wearing matching trousers and pointed-toe shoes. This will make you shine at your next function. It can also be worn with pants, so you won’t feel as cold as in other dress ensembles.

Two-toned Floral Dress

Floral patterned dresses are a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe, especially in winter when it can feel dreary. A floral pattern can bring back the spring and be a bright reminder of spring. There are many options for this type of piece. However, a Self Portrait two-tone black-and-white mini-dress offers a refreshing take on winter florals. The dress can be paired with almost any outfit thanks to its fun color scheme and simple micro-print. The dress’s elegant details, such as the delicate tie at the right shoulder, make it stand out.