Which Hat is Better?

By MatthewNewton

Screen-Printed Hats or Embroidered Hats

Printing your logo, a slogan, or other pertinent information on clothing and banners can be a great way to raise awareness. It is important to be able to display your colors, whether it’s for uniforms for employees, preparation for trade fairs or as a reminder of upcoming events. Your business can be seen as a cohesive brand.

It’s a great way to get your logo noticed and information out there. Keyrings, pens and mouse pads have been used by businesses as promotional gifts. They know that customers will use these items to promote their business. It’s even more effective to give away promotional polo shirts and ties, because customers become a walking billboard for the company every time they wear such items.

Which is the best promotional clothing option?

We will be examining the possibility of printing hats as a way for small business owners to promote their products and services. This is a cheaper option than other outerwear and more visible. It is practical and easy to use. People will reach for it when the sun is shining. It will be a great way to get free publicity if the hat features an advertisement for your business.

Screen printing and embroidery are the two main methods of printing your company logo on clothing items. The first refers to printing ink onto clothing using a stencilled screen. The latter is when different-colored threads are used to create visible letters or logos. It is important to ask the right questions when choosing between these printing methods.

Screen printed hats vs. embroidered hats. Which one lasts longer?

Screen printing can be a practical and effective way to transfer a logo onto clothing. However, it is well-known that it lacks durability. These issues can be mitigated depending on your budget. However, each time you wash the garment, the logo will lose some of its boldness. You will eventually lose the logo and slogan gradually, but it will continue to fade.

Embroidered caps, on the other hand, will be visible and legible for a longer time. Although threads can wear over time, they will not break for a longer period of time. An embroidered logo on a hat can bring publicity for your company for many years. The long-term return on investment for embroidery is greater than thread because it retains its color longer.

Screen printed hats vs. embroidered hats. Which one is more economical?

Screen printing is much simpler than other methods of logo transfer. This involves simply pressing the logo onto a flattened surface. It is much easier to produce promotional items in mass quantities using this method. This simple method is great for producing a large number of t-shirts. This method is more difficult because hats are more difficult to maintain flat. However, it is possible to screen print hats.

Embroidery can be more difficult and therefore more costly. Screen printing may be a better option if you have the same number of printed shirts. If you need to print a large logo or slogan, it will require more thread. Hats are a smaller item by design and, even though there are higher costs, you get what you pay. You can expect to get your money back over the life of a garment because of the durability of embroidered caps.

Screen printed hats vs. embroidered hats. Which look is better?

Screen printing on hats has one major concern: you’re using a process that requires the garment to be flat. This is a problem because a garment by nature will curve when worn. This can cause distortions that could have negative effects on the final result. Screen printing is best for larger logos and requires more detail and lettering. Screen printing’s ability to fade quickly is another concern. If it does, it can make the logo unreadable or look cheap.

Although screen printed hats won’t last very long, embroidery adds a special touch to your business and will be a positive reflection on you. You will see a significant increase in your business as a result. Quality is paramount. Embroidered caps will last longer so they are the clear winner from an aesthetic standpoint.


There are a few reasons that embroidering is the best choice to print a logo on an hat. However, these reasons may not apply to all situations. Screen printing might be the right choice depending on how large the logo needs to be printed. There is no doubt embroidery is the best choice for putting a logo on garments the same size as a hat. It looks better and lasts longer. Even though it comes at a higher price, embroidery is well worth it for its superior quality.