Konohamaru: Sarutobi

By MatthewNewton


Konohamaru was the son of the Sarutobi clan. His grandfather named him Konoha. While raised by his Anbu parents Konoh amaru wasn’t called by his name. He was only ever called “Honourable grandson” (oSun Yan, Omago-sama), because of his connection to the Hokage. Konoh Amaru wanted to be recognized as a person, and not just as the Hokage’s grandson.

Konohamaru  Personality

Despite being introduced halfway through a failed attempt at defeating his grandfather, Konohamaru  initially finds a sense of enjoyment in his position as the Hokage’s grandson. He is often spared punishment and will goad anyone who refuses to stand by him. Konoh amaru is impressed by Naruto’s unrestrained behavior and hits him freely. He calls him “boss”, “big brother”, and “big sister” (Nichan). As Naruto, Konoh Amaru is loud and headstrong. He also spends a lot of time inventing perverse ninjutsu.

Konoh amaru also learns a lot from Naruto. For example, he realizes that becoming a Hokage takes a long time and there are no shortcuts. Konoh amaru is now committed to his Academy studies, making the job of Ebisu, his tutor, much easier. Konohamaru learns many jonin-level techniques while still being a genin. He also refuses to leave a fight even against better opponents in his quest to become Naruto’s level. Konoh amaru is shown in anime as he eventually defeats Naruto for the Hokage title. He also learns a number of jonin-level jutsu while still a genin and refuses to run from a fight, even against superior opponents. Hanabi Hyuga, Boruto’s aunt, has a similar bond to him.

Although Konohamaru is a great admirer of Naruto, Konoh amaru does have some faults. He assumes Naruto tripped during their first meeting and blames Naruto for it. Naruto constantly discovers Konoh amaru’s Cloak of Invisibility Technique not because Naruto is skilled but because Konoh amaru’s disguises were so poorly executed. Naruto encourages this praise up to a certain extent, never declining compliments and never correcting Konohamaru’s perception of him being a woman’s man.

Konoh Amaru has displayed incredible emotional endurance in his recovery from the loss of his grandfather, Asuma Sarutobi, and other tragedies close to him. He also showed a remarkable ability to deal with grief that is beyond his years. His personality is likely to be a reflection of Naruto’s Take on the Will of Fire. Naruto, too, had to deal with extreme loss and depression as a young man, but he kept his positive and wilful outlook.

Konoh amaru, a mature Konoh, is known to be devoted to his students, particularly Boruto, even as an adult. Boruto asked Konoh to teach him the Rasengan, as Naruto had taught it to him. He was humble and compassionate in his care for the students in the anime. However, he was initially shocked and conflicted by the revelation that Mitsuki was the grandson of Orochimaru who had killed Konohamaru’s grandfather. Mirai then spoke to him about it.

Konohamaru  Appearance

Konoh amaru is short with spiky brown hair and blue eyes. He also has a small chip in one of his teeth. He is shown with blush marks on his cheeks during some of Konoh Amaru’s appearances in anime. For Part I, he replaces the helmet with Naruto’s old goggles and in Part II, he uses his own forehead protector. For most of his adult life, he wore a long blue scarf.

Part I of Konohamaru’s clothing is made up of grey shorts and yellow shirt with a red Konoha logo printed on it. Part II is very similar to his Part I outfit, but with longer pants and a lighter green jacket with dark green stripes down the middle. His outfit for the Rinne Festival consists of a grey/black zip up jacket, dark grey pants and sandals. He also has bandages around his arms. He wears a formal outfit for Naruto Hyuga and Hinata Hyuga’s wedding. He is a tall adult with a narrower forehead. He wears a scarf with dark blue pants and black sandals. While on duty, he has a flak jacket with red armband that bears the clan emblem.