Gargamel: Character

By MatthewNewton

He is the antagonist and, together with Azrael his cat, and later with Scruple, a young apprentice, plotted against the Smurfs to capture and/or eradicate them. Smurfette was created by him, and he was later transformed into a real Smurf. Gargamel is a hateful individual who is willing to do anything to get his goals. He can also be quite ruthless, like threatening to kill Puppy and trying to hurt the defenseless Baby Smurf. Gargamel has gone to great lengths to make sure that others are unhappy. Despite his evil and dark heart, Gargamel can show a little emotion on occasion. He has done this with Azrael. Azrael, whom Gargamel even went against Lord Balthazar to protect, claims that Azrael is his only friend and all he has. He also pleaded with his godfather for a better way to kill Puppy when Balthazar forced him to do so.

Gargamel Birthday

Garg amel’s wickedness and unkindness seem to be a result of his harsh upbringing. Gargamel doesn’t like Halloween and hates it because no one wishes him a happy birthday or presents him. All Gargamel wants is to be remembered his birthday. His mother mistreats him often and tries to make him worse. She also resents him for failing Wizard’s School. Garg amel, who is ugly and aloof, admits deep down that he has never been loved by anyone. The cartoon episode “They’re Smurfing our Song” shows Garg amel displaying a little bit of goodness in his heart. This is evident when he was touched by Sassette’s kind words and was moved to tears. Even the power of evil within him couldn’t resist Sassette’s love, since she was the first person ever to say that they loved him. Garg amel felt happiness when he was affected by Woody’s magic flute. He also revealed to Papa Smurf that he hadn’t been himself in a while due to years of hatred and owed him an apology. Papa Smurf understood that everyone has good in their hearts. Although the spell of happiness that brought out his goodness only lasted a few minutes, Papa Smurf said that the event would be a part of Garg amel’s life forever.

Why Does He Need Smurfs?

The motives of Garg Amel for taking all the Smurfs hostage varies depending on which episode or media he is shown in. These are his motives:

  • These can be made into gold
  • To eat them
  • To get rid of them

However, the cartoon show makes it clear in certain episodes that he wants to do all three. As he sings: Gargamel hates the Smurfs, regardless of his intentions. The original comic book stories show that Gargamel kidnapped one Smurf during their first encounter. He intended to use the Smurf to make gold, but the wizard was caught in the castle. Gargamel then rescued the Smurf. It ended up shrinking Gargamel to Smurf size when he tried to use one his formulas to capture and find the other Smurfs. He was shocked to learn that the Smurfs had replaced his giant-growth formula by his shrinking formula and vowed revenge. Since then, he has terrorized them.

The cartoon series explains Garg amel’s hatred of the Smurfs. In episode “Garg amel’s Time Trip”, a younger Gargamel came across some Smurfs while in wizard’s school. When Azrael, his kitten, spotted something behind the bushes, he walked past the oak tree.

Azrael quickly tackled the Smurf to ground and Garg amel was able to take a closer look at his catch. He searched his wizard’s books to find the answer and discovered that it was a Smurf. This is a crucial ingredient in the recipe for turning base metals into golden. He realized that he was a good candidate for the school’s science fair.

He was determined to return home with his prize catch, but Papa Smurf tripped him and Brainy had to be rescued by Brainy. The wizard then apologized to Brainy for hurting him standing on a stump. Garg amel tried to catch Garg amel and the other Smurfs while they were standing on the tree stump. But as the Smurfs jumped off the stump, a large rock fell on Gargamel, crushing his back and causing him to hunch his head. Then he vowed to find the Smurfs and exact his revenge. Gargamel didn’t know that the boulder had been dropped by his future self, who had traveled back to crush the Smurfs. This made Garg amel’s hatred of the Smurfs all the more gratifying.