Gifting “Olivia Burton Watches” 2022 A Guide

By MatthewNewton

Olivia Burton Watches accessories are known for their feminine designs and subtle vintage influences. The brand breaks away from the current trend of minimal, clean jewellery. It has shown that jewellery and watches can be fun and playful. Olivia Burton’s pieces were born out of a passion for adventure and a desire to stand out. This guide will help you find the perfect gift for Olivia Burton accessories.

This watch is ideal for those who love the sea and magic. Charming dial is the inspiration for the watch’s mysterious appeal. The Olivia Burton Watches dial features a scale pattern with a shimmery rainbow gradient. They have a mother-of pearl quality. To allow the dial to shine fully, no indices have been applied. The stainless steel case measures 34mm in diameter. The bracelet’s boucle mesh is also made from stainless steel.

This watch is a classic timepiece. It is elegant and simple. This watch’s design is simple and muted, a departure from the usual vibrant colours. The rose-gold PVD coating is applied to the polished stainless steel case. The white dial is contrasted by rose-gold hour markers, and rose-gold hands. The watch’s overall design is completed by a black leather strap.

This Celestial model is inspired by the summer solstice and reminds loved ones to keep their eyes open to the night sky. Modern silhouette is achieved by the 34mm stainless steel case with stainless steel bracelet. The white mother-of pearl dial features Swarovski crystals and faux pearls as indices. The hour-marker at 8 o’clock is a small, silver-coloured moon. The star at 12 o’clock is a star with a crystal.

The watch’s tone is fresh and springy. The square design is made of rose-gold PVD coated stainlesssteel. The case is 22mm in diameter. The dial colors are complemented by a light grey leather strap. The dial’s white color features smart watches rise a muted floral scene and two small fluttering butterflies. The dial looks complete with pointed rose-gold hands. No indices were added to the dial in order not to obscure it.

This dazzling watch is a great choice if you want something simple and glamorous. The watch’s sleek silhouette emphasizes the brilliance and beauty of the dial and case. The bracelet and the case are both made from polished stainless steel. The bezel is made of Swarovski crystals. The dial is covered in white glitter. The watch’s versatility is enhanced by the rose-gold-coloured indices, and rose-gold baton hand.

Olivia Jewellery

This is the perfect gift for someone who loves simple but charming jewellery. This piece will delight everyone of all ages. A silver rope chain features a pendant featuring a small 3D Sterling Silver bee and a silver-plated heart with white enamel.

These earrings are beautiful and versatile. The flat rings have the Olivia Burton name engraved onto them. They hang from the crystal set huggie hoop. For a more sophisticated look, the rings can be taken out. The hoops are made of pastel Swarovski crystal and are arranged in a rainbow. The earrings are made of sterling silver and plated with yellow-gold.

This sterling silver ring is fun and feminine with subtle sparkle. It is easily adjustable to ensure a perfect fit. It features a small, detailed butterfly at one end and a tiny tanzanite gem at the other. The ring is rose-gold plated.

This Olivia Burton Lucky Bee Brooch is a unique and memorable gift. This adorable 3D bee made from sterling silver features realistic details on its wings and body. The adorable design will bring joy to the wearer.

Olivia Burton Watches ocean is unmistakably magical. This Seahorse Sparkle bracelet is no exception. This bracelet would make a wonderful gift for lovers of all things nautical and ocean-related. It is made from sterling silver and rose gold plated. To create a bulkier appearance, there are two chains that run parallel to each other. Small shells are placed in the middle of the seahorse. They are surrounded with Swarovski crystal clusters in light pink, white, and blue. A faux pearl is attached to the tail of the seahorse.


Olivia Burton is a great choice for a first-time buyer. There are many designs, colours, and patterns to choose from. You may have several authentic gold watches, but are looking for the perfect watch for you. Each Olivia Burton watch is so beloved that we have narrowed down our top picks for special occasions.

1. Everyday Wear

The Midi Dial collection is timeless and has something for everyone. This range has a metal or leather strap to suit your tastes. It can be combined with a rose gold, silver, black, or gold dial.

The Midi Dial is simple and perfect for Everyday Wear. Tan, a classic neutral color, perfectly complements the Gold Dial. This sleek and slim accessory is perfect for any occasion, whether you’re out shopping with friends or going to lunch with your mom.

2. Time for Olivia Burton Watches Work

The Dandy Collection is a darling collection of timepieces that combine simplicity and beauty. Each watch has a Rose Gold case with a White Dial to display the date.

Tic fitness watches from The Dandy Collection are a firm favourite. This Olivia Burton Watch is elegant and sophisticated, no matter what your job. It has a Navy Leather strap and a Rose Gold dial with the date display. It is the perfect combination of both. Splendid!

3. Date Night

Date Nights are a great way to spend time with loved ones, whether you’re in a long-term relationship or just starting out on a date. There are many options for the Midi Dial Chronograph. Each design has a sophisticated Olivia Burton Watches touch.

This elegant and beautiful timepiece is sure to complement any outfit. Sometimes, all that’s needed to put our outfit together is a charming Watch. This Olivia Burton Watch is not only beautiful, but it also features a 24-hour display and a date, time, and day display.

4. The Wedding: Finding “The One”

Weddings are wonderful events and memorable days for loved ones. It doesn’t matter if it’s your best friend or auntie, you want to look like the bride without overdoing it. You may choose to go with colours that match the theme of your wedding, leaving the colour “White” out of the equation. We present to you Flower Show by Olivia Burton.

This timepiece is an excellent accessory to the flowers-filled big day. The dial has been designed with multiple colours to complement any outfit, and coordinate with the theme. Black, you might ask? It is a beautiful colour that gives off a classy and luxurious vibe. This timepiece will look great with any outfit.

5. Graduation

It has been years of hard work but it is finally paying off. You are about to celebrate your big day, and you deserve a congratulatory gift. Graduation is fast approaching, and you are running around trying to find the ‘The Dress’ and a watch to match it.

This is one of the most striking pieces of wristwear. The Rose Gold contrasts beautifully with the all Black, and the easy-to-read figures add a vintage touch. This Olivia Burton watch combines a timeless design with modern fashion. Celebrate this special occasion in your life by getting this Olivia Burton watch.

6. Birthday Bash; Birthday Dash

According to the old saying, “Another year older and more wise” Some people consider age a number, another day in life. For others, it’s the most important thing of all. We love to look chic, no matter what age it is. Therefore, we smart watches spend a lot of time looking online and on social media for the perfect birthday outfit.

A Watch is an essential Olivia Burton Watches accessory for your birthday outfit. It should be flexible enough to match your outfit you spent so much planning. Olivia Burton’s Big Dial Chrono watch is a stunning choice. It features amazing detail, including the date, time, and 24-hour display. This multi-function dial also has a unique polker dot design. This particular timepiece was chosen because Grey is a simple colour to work with. It is elegant and neutral, especially when it is paired with Silver and Rose Gold, which add beautiful colour and give off the perfect “Birthday Girl” finish.

7. Night out; Olivia Burton Watches Out

We love to get together with our families at our favorite restaurants, or just relax and enjoy a great time with our friends.

We all need a Metal Bracelet Watch, in addition to the many leather watches Olivia Burton has to offer. This bracelet watch in Gold and Black adds elegance, style, and simplicity to your evening wear. It can be worn alone or paired with stunning pieces of wristwear.

8. Easter Treats

Christmas is over and a new year has started. For some, this may mean that New Year resolutions are out of reach and chocolate might be out of question. A timepiece is a wonderful gift for someone you love or yourself. It can also be a symbol of new beginnings.

This beautiful watch is full of stunning colours and artistic design. It portrays positivity and opens up a new chapter in your life. This timepiece looks great with many different outfits because of the beautiful combination of colors.

9. Are you my Valentine

Watches are a love of all things. Christmas is over for another year, and your loved one will probably need some tips (not literally).

This timepiece is simple and darling. It will go well with any style of clothing.

10. Mother’s Day

Our Mothers are troupers, and I think we all would agree that they are deserving of all the goodness in this world. We can’t say enough ideal smart watches ‘Thank You!’

Here’s to all those times that you were selfless and watched out for us. To you, it might have been the small things but to us they were the big ones.