Curren Watches: Pros and Cons

By MatthewNewton

Curren watches are directly imported from China. It is inspired by Swiss watch brands but not copied. Curren is a simple watch that offers great value for money. It’s not like other Chinese brands like Skmei and Naviforce. Curren watches are now available in Qatar thanks to Qatar Online Shopping. We don’t recommend buying it from a seller that doesn’t offer a warranty. The quality of curren watches has been tested over the past few weeks. We were surprised to find that it exceeded our expectations.

Curren Watches, The Quality is at the Price

Curren offers affordable watches with high-end designs. You will find the inside of these watches in no case that is advanced watchmaking. With daily wear, these watches will last for more than a year. Curren bering watches are a great value on the Qatar watch market, with an average price of between 50 and 80 QAR.

The Curren Sport watch is also made from stainless steel. It is heavy, but it can still be worn comfortably and it is strong enough to withstand any kind of sport. It has been in our possession for more than three months now and we haven’t encountered any issues. It works perfectly, even the date function.

Curren Watches is a similar brand to these brands

Curren is an affordable brand that’s relatively new. Many Chinese watch brands now offer similar products at lower prices due to its success.

We recommend the following list if you’re looking for watches with similar quality and price.

  • Naviforce Watches
  • Oulm Watches
  • Skmei Watches
  • Weide Curren Watches

Each brand will have a distinct design, and each one will be different from Curren watches. Curren watches are always considered to be the best value for money, both in style and price. We recommend the naviforce watches Qatar for their japanese designs.

Curren Watches: Why should you buy one?

Curren allows you to test different styles and prices. Although you won’t be able to afford a collector’s model, the watch’s design allows you to wear it in all situations without worrying about going broke.


Although setting a watch is easy, there are a few idiosyncrasies that can make it difficult. Here’s a quick guide to setting your mechanical watch.

These instructions may not be applicable to vintage watches or other non-quickset watches. A TrueFacet concierge can help you set up your more complex watches safely.

Also, we advise you not to set your mechanical watch between 9PM – 2AM. The watch’s mechanism is actually changing the date every four hours, even though you might only notice the date change at midnight. You could endanger the movement by setting your watch within that time window.


1. Take the watch off your wrist.

You should not wear your watch when you wind it or set it. You run the risk of damaging your watch’s internal components or loosening its crown if you leave it on.

2. You can manually wind your watch to restart it.

If your watch has been inactive for a while, it is important to wind it up before setting the time. Turn the crown clockwise to wind your watch. Unscrew the crown. Once you feel resistance, your watch is properly wound. Over-winding could result in damage.

3. Date.

Three positions are usually found on mechanical watches for the lifestyle crown. Each position is for a different function. The first position, as outlined in step 1, is used to manually wind your watch. It is also where the crown can be removed. To quickly change the date on your watch, pull the crown to the second position. You can change the date by turning the crown clockwise.

4. Pull the crown completely out to set the time.

Simply pull the crown to the farthest position on the watch base in order to set the time. The second hand stops will help you set the time accurately when the crown is in the last position.

5. You can set your watch to either AM or PM.

Wind the crown clockwise to determine whether the time is AM or PM. This indicates that your watch is set to PM as it is getting close to midnight.

6. Time.

Gently rotate the crown clockwise or away from you until you have set the correct time. Do not rotate the crown clockwise if you exceed your desired time. The crown should be turned counterclockwise to damage the watch’s movement. Instead, you’ll need to keep winding clockwise to get the correct time.

7. Restore the crown.

The crown should be pressed into the “zero” position at the base of your watch. Next, screw the crown down until it is water-tight and pressurized.

How to check for authentic watches?

You want to purchase a watch from a well-respected brand? It’s not possible to buy it from the brand’s shop or an online seller. Are you concerned that you might not be purchasing a genuine item? This guide will help you identify authentic watches. There are a few tricks that will help you distinguish between genuine watches and replicas. We’ll discuss in detail how to find an original.

  • Ticking

Original watches will not make any ticking or noise. Because it is made up of small parts, each part has been carefully assembled to make the perfect watch mechanism. However, replicas lack this quality and can make ticking sounds that can easily be identified by placing your watch near your ear.

  • Quality Curren Watches

The first thing you will noticeably differ in a watch is its quality. A replica piece cannot match the quality of an original.

Unfinished edges, poor polish, scratches and wrong markings/engravings are all indicators that the fake is being sold. You should also check that the clasp/buckle is working properly, the screw-down crown works and the watch needles are able to be controlled by the screw that adjusts time. You should also check for misspelled words or incorrect stamps. Also, make sure to verify that the markings are clear and properly engraved. Fake watches will not fade out if they do. The fake watch’s color can also be visible differently due to low-quality materials for your child. Make sure you check this before making a purchase.

  • Weight

Brand watches are made from precious stones, crystals, gold, silver and heavy metals. They are also equipped with 12 tiny moving parts that make them heavier and more durable. This is not the case with an ordinary watch. It isn’t as robust, durable, strong, or sturdy as a branded one. A fake watch will always weigh more than a real one.

Specifications for the Product Curren Watches

Research is a great way to learn about the watch you are considering buying. This allows you to understand the specifications of your watch. You can compare the specifications to make a distinction between a genuine designer watch and a copy before you buy. It will save you money and prevent you from buying a fake watch. It is also a smart idea to familiarize yourself with the logos, stamps, and trademark designs of any brand you are considering buying. This will help you make the right choice.

  • Stamps Curren Watches

A few stamps are placed around the body of designer watches. These stamps can be found all over the watch’s body. Online, you can quickly find out which model has what stamps and how many are there on your watch.

  • Sapphire crystal top

Every designer watch has a sapphire crystal top. Regular watches can either have a glass or mineral crystal top.

A sapphire top will give off a violet tint when held at a certain angle. This can be used to verify that the watch is authentic. You can test this by tilting the watch under a lamp to see if it emits a purple tint. The sapphire crystal top has a visible luster and shine, which is evident even from a few feet away.

  • Watch bracelet

Watch bracelets designed for designers are made to be durable and flexible. Before you buy a watch bracelet, make sure it is flexible and fits comfortably on your wrist. The clasp that closes your bracelet often has two stamps. To verify the authenticity of your watch, you can search these stamps.

  • Model number

You can not only identify fakes by comparing serial numbers but also look for the model number. To find the exact model number of a genuine watch, do your research online.

  • Curren Watches Serial Number

The serial number on the bracelet and watch case should match if the watch is genuine. These numbers can be used to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit watches. You may also find the serial number on the sticker located behind the dial.

  • Cyclops window

Another way to verify authenticity is by checking the cyclops magnification of the marketing calendar window. Fake watches may have a magnified or reduced cyclops window.

Keep an eye on your Hands Curren Watches

Verify that the watch hands are made of the right material and are the correct size. Also, verify that they are properly moving. Fake watches may have a defect in the watch mechanism, which could cause the hand to become unstable and shaky.

  • Packaging

The packaging is one of the most noticeable things when you unbox a watch. It can also be used to distinguish genuine watches from fakes. The packaging should match the online images and be high quality. It should also be strong and not look cheap. You should also check the paper inside for any low-quality printing, false information, or missing warranties or documents.

  • Price

Last, but not least, check the pricing. If a watch is too cheap to be real, it is most likely a fake or secondhand watch.