What are the best ways to choose the right pendant?

Meta title: What pendant to choose to wear as a necklace?

Meta description: We have a complete guide that will assist you in making an informed decision about which pendant model to buy.

It can be difficult to pick between the jewelry pendants available in stores. If you don’t know what to look for in a pendant Fashion Advice according to the material, the size of the chain or stones that adorn the jewel, you can read this entire guide to help you.

Should you choose a gold or silver pendant?

When selecting a pendant for women, the most important factor to think about is the material it’s constructed of. Most jewelers offer pendants in gold, silver, or gold-plated.

Gold is the most popular choice because it is strong and adaptable. It’s possible to change the hue of any alloy be it yellow white, pink or. While 9 karat is more expensive than 18 it’s not the least expensive.

If your budget is a little small but you’re looking for quality jewelry, go for silver, more specifically for Wholesale Jewelry that has the mention “silver 925”. Silver is a top-quality metal with undeniable aesthetic qualities however care must be taken to keep it in good condition to avoid it from tarnishing.

Gold plating is an excellent alternative for those seeking jewelry that reflects the elegance of gold and still stay your spending limit. It is a jewel made of silver that is lightly coated with a thin layer gold. Much cheaper than gold, gold-plated must however be returned to the jewelry store frequently for regular maintenance.

Pendants made from stones

A majority of pendants feature at least one gemstone within the middle of a gold or silver bezel. However, precious stones need to be distinguished from semiprecious stones.

Precious stones

The most popular precious gemstones are the four. The most well-known stone is called the diamond. It can be identified because of its brilliance, white colorand its beauty (although there are rarer colored diamonds). Women’s jewelry is also embellished with three other precious stones that include the Fashion sapphire (an intense blue hue) and the emerald and the ruby (a deep red hue). These gemstones can be different in their quality. Four factors can influence the value of a gem the weight in carats, the color, purity and size.

Semi-precious stones

If you are looking for a bit more original alternatives or your budget is a bit limited semi-precious stones could be a good alternative. They can imitate precious stones extremely well (topaz for sapphire, peridot for emerald and garnet for ruby) However, others display distinctive shades. Amethyst is one of the most well-known high-end stones. We also have lapis lazuli and aquamarine in addition to mother-of pearl and moonstone.

Choosing the right chain for a pendant

Once you’ve selected the pendant that you like, you need to find the perfect chain that matches your style, your wishes and needs. The length of the pendant must be the first thing to consider.

If you are planning to wear your pendant all day, it is advisable to choose an Princess necklace, the length of which ranges between 42 and 45 centimeters. This chain which stops at the level of your shoulder blades is the most appreciated, even if you can also turn to a Matinee necklace, which is slightly more long.

If you plan to mix the chain with an ornament, it’s not recommended to opt for the length that is beyond the chest. It is still possible to choose a pendant that is proportional to the length of your chain.

Which chain link has the greatest force?

Every kind of link is designed to resist, but the strongest of them remains the convict link. It makes it possible to make small chains that will not break easily. This is the most popular mesh, but if are looking for a more popular product choose the Venetian mesh that is extremely durable.


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