11 Retail Sales Tips That Will Boost Your Store’s Sales

What are retail selling methods?

They are the ordered process of creating a connection between a customer and a product, through a human relationship on your salesfloor.

All sellers sell – regardless of what they call them.

You can’t find a single piece of clothing or coffee that you’re drinking, nor a piece you’re sitting on, that hasn’t been sold to anyone.

There’s an alarming trend in retail, however. Since the pandemic, associates are quick lose sales and tell customers that they can order it online.

The best way to make a sale is when someone is standing right in front you, looking at or holding your merchandise.

Even if they are ordered on tablets, there is a greater chance of them returning.

Understanding the selling behavior and processes in a retail sales training program will help you to handle objections and make every sale.

This is what the customers who are winning during this time are doing

11 retail selling tips for more retail sales

Enjoy a smile and a greeting from everyone

You may find your facial expressions duller if your face is covered with a mask. It is important to smile with your eyes and not just compensate for the mask.

Although it can take practice to lift your lips until your eyes are wrinkled, it is a great way to make an impression to a buyer.

Expect to be sold to everyone

Stop and think about your expectations before you go on the sales floor or clock in. What are you focusing on? What will customers think? Will they be negative, mean, and penny-pinching lookie loos, or will it be fun to help people buy from your company?

One of the most famous sales pros once said “Garbage in and garbage out”, so pay attention to what you watch or listen to before going to work. You might be enticed into a negative world-view.

Shoppers love to be dressed up

  • While sneakers are allowed, they shouldn’t be worn.
  • Piperlime’s SOHO Pop-up Store had this sign:

“It’s high time to stop dressing lazy. It’s now that you can look amazing again. Let’s show more respect to each other. Let’s turn Saturday night into Sunday afternoon. Let’s remember that what you wear is what you get so let’s get to it.

Don’t gossip about people

It’s a known fact that people love to gossip about others. Talk about gossip is becoming more popular than ever, from the most bizarre internet stories to the celebrity fall from grace,

The danger is that this comes from a place we feel good about ourselves and others. Selling is not the same thing. You should feel better about people who come into your shop.

Find something you enjoy about strangers

Selling skills as a retail associate require you to like your customers before they like yourself. It’s hard, but it is possible. You can’t judge the cover of a book or a customer by what they wear. If we try to judge who is worth our effort, we often fall short and settle for the crumbs rather than the whole meal.

Serve first, to be able sell

  • Knights of round table used kneel to serve their master or any other royalty.

Do not confuse this with being enslaved.

Serving others dates back to biblical times. It has been referred to throughout literature as one the greatest gifts humanity has received. We see salespeople often acting as kings or queens in retail, as though they are doing the customer a favour. This is wrong.

Know your sales closing ratio

Keep track of every customer that you see and every call you make. Divide the two to get your sales ratio. This is the ratio of the number you sell to the number you present merchandise.

It might only be one of 10 customers at first. With practice, this might be one out of every 10.

Sell something you don’t love

Find the worst product of your company. This shouldn’t take too much effort. You should find five things that you like about the product to link to the benefit to the customer.

Once you are free from your personal biases and assumptions you will find that you can use suggestive selling to convince customers to buy an item.

You can sell more expensive items by selling them at a lower price without discounting

You get 30% off and free financing for up to 20 years. It’s not difficult to sell something like this. You can increase your sales by improving your product knowledge, and learning retail sales training techniques.

Don’t be afraid to let the customer walk away.

Sometimes, things just don’t work out. You and the customer are at odds. It just feels like you don’t get along. Ask “Excuse Me, but I have done something to offend You?”

It doesn’t matter if you use sarcasm or malice. Most people will accept your apology and give you a reason. If you don’t get that out of your system, you are only frustrating the customer.

If they continue to do this, they will eventually leave the store without purchasing. So why not try to get it out of your way? It is often possible to make a larger sale by addressing the issue head-on.

Selling is a game where you have limited control

Selling is fluid. You get lucky sometimes, you lose it sometimes, and you often make it happen.

It is clear that the goal of selling everyone is to make money, but don’t worry, millions upon millions of orphans wont be starved because someone stole your meal.

After a sale, be able say, “I could do this better.” Then take stock, and then go on. You still have a chance to shine by walking in the door.



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