Style Guide for Women and Wardrobe Tips


After getting rid of old outfits, you can start thinking Women and Wardrobe about buying new key items. Before you leave for work, think about what you would wear in your outfits, footwear, accessories and shoes. You can also visualize how you will look if you’re running late. Be mindful of your style, skin tone, and body.

Following Point 4, create a wardrobe that you can easily mix and match. If you don’t have attires that easily go together, you’ll never get out of the having-a-hard-time-to-put-an-outfit-together loop. Do you really want to be able to use a long hyphenated word to describe your misery and pain? We don’t think so.

Shoppers should take as long as they need to look at each piece before making a decision. It is important to take a close look at the piece you are considering purchasing. If the piece doesn’t meet your three goals (style, skin tone, and body type), move on to the next one. Even if it takes 7 hours, find the right pieces for you.

Your budget is important. You should establish a budget and find out if there are any discounts. Buy a classic-themed item if it is on display and keep it. Classics are generally cheaper than newer releases and can be used to accessorize.


Shopping 101 has a key rule: Don’t spend too much on expensive clothing. Mixing high-end and lower-end brands is a better option. You can wear an affordable outfit and a few statement pieces of high quality. You can keep these high-end accessories for a very long time in your closet.


Remember to take a note of the brands and products you buy every time you shop. You will be able to better understand which brands suit your body type and preferences. Go straight to these boutiques if they are related to your goals. It will be a time-saver to avoid browsing other shops that may not stock what you need.


Many people find themselves captivated by the item’s exterior appeal rather than its inner craftsmanship or comfort. Do not be one of these people. Remember comfort is more important than fashion. If high heels don’t benefit your feet, you shouldn’t buy them. Make sure you don’t scream each time you put on your shoes. Do the wet test to determine the size of your shoes.


Point 2 encouraged us to highlight the body parts you are proud of. You should show them only with the appropriate amount of skin. Exposed skin too often is just too much.


Do you ever put off buying your accessories or outfits until the last moment? Procrastination is not only a fashion sin, it also makes you late to your rendezvous. It’s not enough to just grab the first piece you see and rush to your car. Your clothes might be inappropriate for the place you’re going.

Dress well for all occasions by selecting your outfits the day before. This will give you plenty of time for shopping. You can also relax and have breakfast, rather than rush to get up in the morning.


Wear tight pants if you want to wear a loose shirt. A loose top is best if you are wearing loose pants.

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Style Guide and Wardrobe Tips For Women

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Style Guide and Wardrobe Tips For Women

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