How to wear boots with jeans outfit ideas

By MatthewNewton

There are many ways to pair different styles of boot and jeans. This classic combination can be worn to create both casual and formal outfits.

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There are 4 types of jeans you can wear with boots

Jeans and boots are a timeless combination. You can wear different styles of jeans and boots all year. These pairings are worth considering:

  1. Straight-leg jeans: This style of jeans can be worn with cowboy boots, Chelsea boots, or ankle boots.
  2. Skinny jeans: Skinny Jeans are tight fitting throughout the legs, from the thigh to the ankle. These jeans can be worn with any style of boot, but they’re best paired with knee boots as they’re easy to tuck in the boots.
  3. Bootcut jeans: Bootcut jeans are slightly flared at the ankle. Bootcut jeans look great with ankle boots, winter boots, cowboy boots, and ankle booties.
  4. Wide-leg jeans: Wide leg jeans are made with a wider leg. They begin to flare at the mid-thigh, and then continue down to the ankle. Wide-leg jeans can be paired with booties, Chelsea boots, ankle boots or booties.

Six Outfit Ideas to Wear Boots with Jeans

There are many styles of boots that can be worn with jeans. These include ankle boots, cowboy boots and combat boots as well as knee-high boots. These are some of the options for jeans and boots.

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  1. For a casual look for daytime, go with a T-shirt or chunky sweater. For a casual daytime look, pair your ankle boots with jeans or a chunky sweater and a T-shirt. For maximum comfort, you can wear flat boots, combat boots, or boots with blocks heels.
  2. For a night out, dress up your jeans. For a more sophisticated look, wear ankle boots with a high-heel or boots with embellishments. A black tank top, dark wash jeans, or black skinny jeans can be worn with a black leather jacket and a black leather jacket. For a striking night-out look, wear skinny jeans with high-heeled boots and knee-high boots.

3. Business casual is appropriate for the office. For a casual business look, pair a suede boot, a faux or leather bootie, or a black leather ankle boot with dark wash skinny jeans, button-down shirt, a blazer, and a button-down shirt. A cardigan and white tee can be great for business casual, depending on the office environment.

4. Contrasting colors are a great option. White jeans don’t have to be worn in summer. You can also pair them with boots and white jeans for casual days out in spring and fall. You can contrast the white jeans with darker tops, such as a loose-fitting black sweater or dark wash jean jacket.

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5. Winter is a time to layer up. For winter, layer up with a pair of jeans or bootcut jeans and a bright puffer jacket.

6. You can try a Western look. For a Western look that is head-to-toe, wear cowboy boots, bootcut jeans and loose button-up shirts.

Three Tips to Wear Boots with Jeans

These style tips will help you pair boots with jeans:

  1. Your jeans should be tucked into your boots. Thin jeans are best if you want to tuck jeans into your boots. They don’t bunch at the ankle. Tall boots, rain boots, and snow boots can be tucked very well. You can easily tuck jeans or bootcut jeans into boots with larger openings, such as winter boots or cowboy boots.
  2. To show off your boots, cuff your jeans. Because the cuff falls right at the top, ankle boots are best for cuffing jeans. Straight-leg jeans can be cuffed, as well as boot-cut jeans. You can wear either ankle jeans or cropped denim with ankle boots. The jeans will fall to your ankles naturally so you don’t need to cuff the jeans.

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3. Your boots can be hidden under your hems. Cover your booties and ankle boots with wide-leg jeans. This gives you a cleaner silhouette.