Top Ways to Drape a Saree and Rock it Like a PRO

By MatthewNewton

Sarees are one of the most beautiful Indian attire, and make an elegant statement at any event. Wear them to weddings, funerals and work. Women often opt for simple styles when dressing up for events; however, taking some time to experiment and find something different could give an edge!

Use these creative saree tying techniques, and you’ll appear like an experienced pro:

The front pallu styles

When wearing a large pallu border, consider trying the Front Pallu style. Wear your bolus and petticoat in unison to achieve this look. After you have draped the saree, take out the pallu from its usual position behind your shoulder back, placing it front of it instead, and secure it using shielded pins or clips.

As the heavy border of your silk saree drapes over your shoulders, it will look beautiful. This is one of the most stylish ways to drape it; make sure that its pallu extends past your front shoulder and secure it using pins.

Wrap it around your waist

Your saree can be draped in several ways. One variation is to take advantage of a more modern style by taking the pallu and draping it over your waist rather than placing it up like it has traditionally. This style works well if you’re wearing an unstructured shirt and not something simple.

Karena Kapoor showcased this style during her performance of Champak Chalon from Ra One, looking stunning as always. She pioneered this trend and brought it into mainstream society for women of all kinds.

The V shape of the pallu style

Make an impressionful statement with a V-shaped pallu of your saree draped around your neck by tying and keeping long the pallu of the saree, then pulling back from either shoulder before placing towards you with intention of hanging it to either side.

Return the V-shaped bolus to the opposite shoulder in front for a stylish and trendy V-shaped appearance reminiscent of what might be found on a dresser and one of the most elegant ways to tie silk saree.

The flare pallu style draping

Attain this style by tying your ether career as you would normally, but instead of handing, extend both sides and secure them around your waist – this creates an appearance of flare in the pallu that will show from the front.

Dress and test out your saree in different and creative ways, and people will notice your style and creativity with it.